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Gerber Affinity Aluminum


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A little something for those high-tone occasions, the Affinity is an EDC knife with class. Built with double-windsors and 3-pieces in mind, the Affinity is the right accoutrement for any black tie affair. Simple ergonomics and barrel construction create a clean and fresh look, while the pop of color pinch plate provides a striking aesthetic breakup on the steel frame lock. The thumb stud on the Affinity is adjustable to meet the ergonomic desires of many different sized hands, while easy access to the frame lock makes operation a breeze.

Out of stock

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  • Machined aluminum scales
  • 7CR blade
  • Adjustable or removable thumb stud
  • Barrel construction
  • Custom axle shroud
  • Easy access frame lock
  • Pinch plate
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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